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RSVR is the premiere destination to experience Virtual Reality. State of the art computers, ultra high definition headsets and a stunning atmosphere make RSVR the ideal choice for your next adventure.


Covid-19 Precautions

Click the link to see our updated procedures related to Covid-19


Virtual Haunted House

October 2nd - October 31st​

Join us every weekend in October to celebrate our favorite holiday with RSVR. The party starts in our backyard graveyard (patio) where you can hang out by our bonfire, enjoy a variety of beverages, and watch scary movies on our outdoor projector. Individuals will be allowed in small groups to enter the haunted arcade and experience one of our haunted virtual reality attractions. Each $10.00 ticket gets you access to our backyard graveyard party, one virtual reality experience (roughly 20 minutes long), and a chance to win a $50.00 giftcard given away each night.


Reserve Your Station Now

Book your own semi-private VR station. Up to 4 individuals can play. Share a headset and try as many of our games and experiences as you can handle. This reservation does not include multiplayer capabilities. Price: $60.00 / hour. DUE TO COVID-19, RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE*.

*Our scheduling software may allow you to book with-in 24 hours, this does NOT guarantee your reservation at RSVR, please contact us at rspiering@rsvrmilwaukee.com with any questions.


Half Life: Alyx - Single Player Mode

Half Life: Alyx is one of the most revolutionary VR games available right now. Want to try it out for yourself? Book a single player session to play Half Life: Alyx at a reduced hourly rate. Due to Covid-19 restrictions additional guests are not allowed with this experience. You'll want the whole time for yourself anyways! Price $30.00 / hour


Full Space Rental

Due to Covid-19 we are limiting our full space rentals to a maximum of 8 people. Spread out over the entire space and play as many games as you can. Play against your friends in one of our various multiplayer games. Price: $120.00 / hour


Buy an Online Gift Card

For "Virtually" anyone and anything.
Available in any amount and never expires!


Imagination Becomes Reality

Are you an AEC professional, product designer, 3d artist, etc.? Utilize our multipurpose VR space to visualize your designs or host your next meeting. Contact us for details.


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2210 S Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee WI

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2210 S Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee WI

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