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How it Works

  • We have both online reservations and walk-ins available

  • An online reservation will guarantee your time and station(s); walk-ins are based on availability.

  • Online reservations can book a VR station in hourly increments at
    a rate of $60 / hour.

  • Walk-In reservations can book 30 minute increments for $40 / half hour or $60 / full hour, based on station availability

  • 1 station = 1 VR headset and seating for up to 4 individuals, with 1
    person playing VR at a time.

  • If you have a group larger than 4 you can reserve additional
    stations to share.

  • If you want to play multi-player games you will need to reserve
    more than 1 station.

  • Each station has access to full library of games and experiences. Play as many as you want during the time you reserve.

  • Ages 18 and over only after 9:00pm.

  • Ages 17 and under require a minimum of 1 responsible adult (18+) per station.

Pricing (Per Station)

30 minutes - $40 (walk-in only)

60 minutes - $60

Reserve Your Station Now

Book your own semi-private VR station and try as many of our multiple games and experience as you can handle.

Having a Party?

Reserve the entire space for your party.  RSVR's customizable floor plans are perfect for any party!

For groups up to 50 people. Contact us at for more information.

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